When OzHarvest met Virgin Mobile…

When Virgin Mobile joined with OzHarvest, instafood turned into real meals.  What we are talking about here is Virgin Mobile’s ‘Making Mobile Better’ campaign, which in its first phase launched #mealforameal.  OzHarvest is a non-denominational charity whose mission it is to rescue food that would otherwise be discarded.  The excess food is distributed to charities supporting the vulnerable in Australia’s major cities.  For every photo of a meal posted on social media with the #mealforameal, Virgin Mobile will donate the funds for OzHarvest to provide a meal for someone in need.  The initiative was launched on the 14th June this year and to date, Virgin Mobile have donated the funds for over 33, 000 meals.  The aim is to provide funds for over 40, 000 meals for Australians in need.

One Green Bean, the PR company behind Virgin Mobile, are the catalysts for this idea.  One Green Bean have taken something that is already happening and attached a positive impact.  Social media enthusiasts have been posting photos of meals in mass volumes, this campaign is utilising this guilty pleasure.  Very similar to our obsession with the selfie, we love posting photos of our food.  The #mealforameal campaign is utilising the current positive attitude towards food-posts and the behaviour of users on social media platforms.   The attitude for this campaign to be successful already exists; the behaviour for this campaign is there.   Virgin Mobile and OzHarvest have the task of motivating the user to use a simple hashtag when posting photos of meals.  This is being done through traditional media such at televised commercials and the nature of the campaign using the hashtag.  The use of a hashtag makes awareness self-sufficient as it invites discussion.

In recent times, there has been a power shift.  The consumer now has the power to choose which brands it will engage with; whom they will listen to.  Consumers are bombarded with advertisements every day; a brand should feel privileged to be engaged with.  Engagement with a brand is the first phase a consumer enters in becoming a devotee of a brand.  This campaign relies on consumer engagement through using the hashtag to promote awareness for OzHarvest.  In turn, this will develop in to support for OzHarvest, whether that be in donations or volunteers.  For Virgin Mobile, this campaign promotes social awareness and brand attitude.  The campaign has immense benefits for both brands.

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