Exhilaration: Can you define that?


Jaguar is launching the XE Sports Sedan on September 8th at a remarkable audio-visual event along The Thames in London. The anticipation of this event is building with the launch of the XE Forward Thinkers campaign, seeing Jaguar partner with British actor Idris Elba, British designer Stella McCarthy and British singer Emeli Sandé. Jaguar are asking the question ‘what defines exhilaration?’ Sandé is the focus of the first phase of the campaign, launched on July 30th. Sandé will release her new song ‘Exhilarated’ prior to the launch of the XE Sports Sedan at the audio-visual event. In search of inspiration social media users have been asked to use the hashtag #FEELXE on images, videos and status reflecting what makes them feel exhilarated. Sandé has reached out to followers on her personal Twitter and Facebook page along with Jaguar reaching out to users on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Idris Elba will be creating a project with his production company Green Door Pictures whilst Stella McCartney’s project will be similar to Sandé’s. These projects will be simultaneously launched prior to the XE Sports Sedan.

The use of the song alongside the hashtag within a marketing plan is genius as it will subtly remind the user of the brand. The hashtag encourages engagement with both Sandé and Jaguar whereas the song will maintain salience. I believe Jaguar are partnering with Sandé to increase brand awareness. Jaguar will be hoping the song goes viral to create a buzz. Jaguar are creating the link between the song and the brand though Exhilarated being available for download from Jaguar’s channels after the launch. Exhilarated should be easy to find and download without complications for the consumer. I would envision Exhilarated would also be available on iTunes and Google Play as this would increase reach. The song will allow Jaguar to access another audience, not previously accessible. The other projects will also have this effect on Jaguar. This marketing plan emphasises engagement and co-branding as seen between Virgin Mobile and Oz Harvest  (https://thecuriouscatblog.com/2014/07/27/when-ozharvest-met-virgin-mobile/).

 For the XE Forward Thinkers campaign to be successful timing is crucial, although this is nothing new for those in the marketing industry. As this campaign will have multiple aspects, the event will have to execute the simultaneously launch of the XE and the three projects flawlessly. From the series of events leading up to the launch to the logistics of having the product available when the consumer wants it. Furthermore Jaguar will require the publicity before and after the event to be seamless. This will be a product of the communications team working with the marketing team working across multiple platforms. This appears to be a logistical nightmare however, should it go to plan, it will be a spectacular launch.

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