Brands changing the way consumers think.

You can have best marketing campaign of the year, however if the consumer cannot access your product, it is of no benefit to the company. With new avenues for consumers to access products brands such as the Dollar Shave Club and Love Lois are challenging the way consumers think and purchase personal hygiene products in Australia.

The Dollar Shave Club is targeted at males who ‘forget’ to purchase razors. For between $4 and $10 a month you will receive 4-5 cartridges per month depending on the plan chosen. Love Lois is targeted at the ladies and will deliver an unsuspecting box of tampons and/or pads, chocolates and a mystery gift to help you through that time of the month.

What these products both have in common is they work from the continuity model of distribution. This is particularly advantageous for the company as it is easier to sell to current consumers than to find new ones. The consumers appreciate the convenience of these products as they arrive month to month with limited effort. The brands are solely online with no physical presence.

From a marketing perspective, these products challenge the consumer to think about the product in a different way and compete with supermarket brands that have a physical store presence. The consumer of these products will still have to go to the supermarket to do grocery shopping. Therefore it may be just as convenient for them to buy the products then. It is also against out conventional thinking to have these products delivered as we have a tenancy to buy products online that we cannot purchase in store due to availability, accessibility or price. However with the right combination of marketing, ease of use and a comparable product with a comparable price point, these brands can be successful.

Exposure to the consumer and a call to action are the biggest challenges for these brands, as they do not have a physical presence. Through marketing, these brands gain exposure and create a need for the product. The consumer needs to know about the brand so they can trust and purchase it. Then the consumer has to be motivated to purchase the product. The Dollar Shave Club has a prominent social media presence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. This is reflective of CEO Michael Dublin’s digital marketing background. The serious of Facebook adverts recently have an attractive ‘shop now’ call to action for the consumer. It also has an element of exclusivity which consumers enjoy, though the ‘join the club’ slogan and use of their own brand of razors.  I believe a combination of these factors has lead to The Dollar Shave Club growing in excess of 900 000 subscribers over a two year period. The Dollar Shave Club have extended their range to include post-shave moisturizer and I have no doubt the product line could be extended to all men’s grooming and skincare products.

As society, we have to thank brands such as the Dollar Shave Club and Love Lois for challenging our buying habits and thought processes as consumers. It is these brands that help society change and develop.

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