A Week In Review…

Last week I participated in a week of work experience at Jamshop and attended the SouthStart conference on Thursday afternoon.

Jamshop is an advertising agency in Adelaide who focuses on helping clients attract and/or retain customers. During my week at Jamshop I attended editing sessions and interviewed staff members, along with being fortunate to attend client meetings. Under the supervision of Kate, I was given the opportunity to write briefs. This was a fabulous experience as I was able to do ‘real’ work and see how an advertising agency operates from within. Kate was a fantastic mentor for the week and everyone at Jamshop was inviting and friendly. They were a pleasure to work with and I’d relish any opportunity to work with them again.

SouthStart is a conference for Australiasia’s hottest startups, innovators, world-class speakers and investors. I was fortunate to listen to (and meet with) Shannon Poulton and Adam Ferrier talk about changing behavior through advertising. Shannon is approaching the launch of a new venture, Good Thnx, which will attempt to change the way people say ‘thank you’.  I’m hoping to keep in touch with Shannon during the launch of Good Thnx.

These experiences have been beneficial from two perspectives.   Jamshop gave me an insight in the ‘real marketing world’ and the processes and departments within an advertising agency. SouthStart gave me another perspective to advertising, startups and entreprenureship. I hope to keep in contact with Jamshop, Adam and Shannon and hopefully gain more experience in the Advertising industry in the near future.

Stay curious 🙂

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