So, how do I tell you who I am?

This is part two of a three part series on effective advertising.

So from part one we know for advertising to be effective, it has to be well branded so we, the audience, knows who is advertising. But what is the best way to make an advertisement ‘well branded’?

In order for an advertisement to be well branded it must have both audible and visual branding or distinctive assets (assets that the consumer will subconsciously associate with your brand – think Nike and the tick).  Audible and visual branding ensures those who are passively avoiding your advertisement may be accessed through the audible branding.  Those who are muting the television  can also be accessed through visual branding.

It must also be remembered in more cases than not, the consumer will not watch the entire advertisement with 100% attention. Therefore, branding needs to be in all thirds of the advertisement in order to reach as many people as possible.

Myer’s more recent 15 second commercials demonstrate better branding than their initial 60 second spot.  Although this is a slightly longer advertisement, Coles have used both audible and visual branding exceptionally well.

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