Using Instagram For Business

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Instagram is my new favourite social media of late and it is super easy for businesses to get on board. The features including locations, hashtags and video capabilities result in the platform being under-utilized for businesses; whilst also being the easiest to communicate with consumers, clients and buyers. Most importantly, all it will cost is your time.  Instagram functions exceptionally well without paid advertising making it accessible to all businesses, big and small. And it doesn’t need to be difficult – in fact with the latest update, it’s easier than ever.

As with other platforms, regular positing is key. However you don’t need to search far and wide to find content to use on Instagram. Restaurants and cafe’s can use Instagram to communicate with customers through regraming images they post of meals and responding to comments.  Content can include images of meals, menus, staff, interior and exterior of venue and video’s of how the meals are made.  Retail stores, cosmetic brands and fashion labels can interact with customers in a similar way whilst content can include new items, specials and tutorials.  Use what you have on hand. The “Flat Lay” is very popular at the moment and easy to achieve with a variety of products.

It is important to consider how your consumers are using Instagram. It is a quick way to find reviews on products including how to use products and what to wear them with.  Potential buyers of a brand will search it on Instagram before purchasing to see if it is what they like. Consumers use hashtags and tags to interact with brands to show their support.  These relationships need to be fostered and used to build a loyal customer base.  So as a business, make sure you check the hashtag of your business and key products, and respond to posts.  Word of mouth spreads quickly when consumers tag locations, as this demonstrates trust between consumers.  It is quickly evident why brand ambassadors are so important!

Brands who are using Instagram well at the moment include Argo Espresso and Bondi Sands.  Please get in touch with Courtney at The Curious Cat if you need help managing your Instagram account.

*Please note this post was not sponsored by or affiliated with any brands. Any thoughts or ideas are clearly that of The Curious Cat.

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