April…the month that was!

Bear with me as this post is a week or so late. However, I think it’s worth noting everything that happened in the world of marketing last month.

Coca-Cola revealed new packaging…

Coca-cola revealed new packaging for all it’s drinks last month, furthering the push towards ‘one brand’. The implication of this will be seen on the shelf as consumers may struggle to find their beloved drinks now.  There is word this move was pushed by a drop in sales due to the sugar-free movement and in that case, a change in packaging won’t increase sales.

Arnott’s changed the flavouring of Shapes…

I’m speaking as an outsider on this topic (and the above to be honest) however this change has resulted in a bigger reaction than what I believe Arnott’s expected.  Long story short, Arnott’s changed the recipe to a “new and improved” version and consumer’s do not like it. Was this a marketing ploy to create interest? I don’t think do. Although it has resulted in a spike in sales as consumers stock up on the old version, it was more than likely a re-vamp for the brand or a cost-cutting measure.  What will be interesting is the long-term sales of the new version should consumers continue to vote with their feet.

Snapchat increased its use of filters…

Snapchat increased its use of event filters, including a controversial ‘Bob Marley’ filter. Event filters last month included the A-League Grand Final.  Snapchat also surpassed Instagram in terms of number of users.

Overall, a very exciting month in the marketing world and a few things to keep an eye on in the supermarket isles!

Stay curious.

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