How does a brand recover from serious damage?

There’s no mistaking the Samsung brand suffered significant damage when they were forced to recall the Samsung Note 7. This caused significant brand damage as consumers trust was damaged. Trust in a brand takes a long time to build as it is developed through countless interactions with the brand. But trust can be broken overnight.  Further, consumers are now reminded of  this incident every time they fly on an aeroplane as they are reminded not to take the Samsung Note 7s on their flight. However, Samsung deserve praise for the messaging in their latest campaign.

When devising a campaign, there are multiple angles that can be taken, just like writing a story.  Samsung have taken the angle that despite what happened, safety has always been their priority and as a result of recent incidence, they have introduced an 8-Point Battery Safety Check which is enforced through their innovation message. In this campaign, the innovation message is the umbrella message the safety message sits under, which is very clever as innovation is something Samsung has been known for long before the Note 7.  Consumers associate Samsung with innovation and therefore it is a familiar quality of  the brand to them which they still trust.

Further, Samsung have acknowledged the incident which is very important as this restores trust in the brand. If they had of ignored the issue or brushed over it, the campaign would have come across as deceptive and ignorant.  Instead they have chosen a humble tone which I believe was the right path to take.

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