Who’s Fit?

FitBit have done the ultimate in non-targeted advertising with this advertisement, as seen on television and YouTube. Through not targeting FitBit products to a particular audience, or even advertising a particular product, they are emphasizing the brand is for anyone. In turn, this widens the awareness of the brand across multiple demographics, broadens the target audience and expands sales. It is encouraging to see brands transitioning away from tradition ‘target marketing’ and moving towards mass marketing.

FitBit should also be commended on the simplicity of the advertisement. With a relatively simple idea, a large audience is captivated and intrigued in what this product actually does.  One will only hope subsequent marketing on the same medium will provide an explanation of the product.

Look Out Havaiana, The Boomerang Plug Is Coming Around

Willi Footwear launched the Boomerang Plug on Indiegogo on the 22nd July. Willi are a Brisbane based Footwear Company, specialising in the iconic Australian footwear we know as ‘thongs’. Indiegogo is the largest global fundraising site for concept products. In the first hour, the Boomerang Plug raised $10 000 and within 24 hours, the company hit 45% of its fundraising target. The product aims to prevent ‘blowouts’. The Boomerang Plug is a new design of thong that preventing the straps coming away from the base, a problem all Aussies have experienced at one time or another.

So far the product has been designed, developed, tested and awarded patents in multiple countries around the world.  Continue reading